Composed by

 William Rayer

Science Fiction Books

ISBN: 978-1-935097-22-8


     When the very notions of fact and history hang in the balance, is the world ready to embrace the hardest truth of all, that we are not alone in the universe?


     When John and Lisa receive a repeating pulse from another world at the mountaintop research center where they work, they realize that it is not simply false data; it is far too regular and enduring. Suddenly the long-awaited possibility of extraterrestrial life seems imminently plausible.

But who are these beings communicating from a far-off place, and what do they want? As John and Lisa learn to decipher the messages from this distant people, they begin to unravel the mystery of humankind, of life itself, and learn perhaps more than anyone is ready to admit. But when the pieces finally come together and an intergalactic visit looms on the horizon, no one knows what to expect.

     As they battle for the truth, John and Lisa must face two governments, a homicidal general, and their love for each other. Failure is not an option; the stakes are simply too high. But what they learn threatens the very notions of God, of evolution, of everything people of Earth have come to depend on.

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